What Can I Expect On A Cruise Ship Casino?

Most cruise ships that sail around the world have an on board casino. Even some of the smaller ships and the less well known companies have some sort of area where gambling takes place.

The two major companies which do not have casinos on board their ships are the Disney Line and Norwegian Cruise Line. But that being said, cruise liners have come a long way and now all of them have free Wi-fi throughout the vessel. If you really do fancy a flutter, then you can just log into any gaming site and use your Casino Bonus while you sip on a cocktail and watch the sun go down over the ocean.


As with a land based brick and mortar casino, the mainstay of the on board casino is the slot machines which will usually feature a mixture of modern video slots as well as old-school crank penny slots. Most lines make use of their own minted chips or the super modern ones that make use of virtual tokens.

Table games

Most cruise ships will offer table games including different varieties of Poker including Texas Hold ‘Em, Three Card and Let it Ride. Some ships will have live dealers while others will have computerised ones. Most ship board casinos offer Blackjack, Roulette and sometimes craps and Baccarat tables.

When is the casino open?

Usually casinos on ships open at night when out on the open sea. Sometimes, they will allow you to play in port, but that depends on the laws of the country. Malta, in Europe and Bermuda in the Caribbean allow ships to open their casinos while in port. You will find that ship board casinos are very similar to land based ones in terms of the age one is allowed to enter and gamble on money games.

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