The Submarine

The word submarine is usually abbreviated to sub and refers to a ship that can submerge beneath the waterline and continue to travel underwater.

In naval parlance, submarines are usually referred to as boats and historically carried torpedoes, underwater missiles, as ammunition.

Some submarines also had small calibre guns mounted on the top deck underneath the coning tower. Believe it or not, submarines were first used in the 1800’s but it was not until World War One that they were pressed into action in meaningful numbers. In World War One, navies around the world perfected the use of the torpedo, which is loaded into a tube at the bow of the ship and then sealed off. The tube is then flooded with seawater, which arms the torpedo.

The captain of the sub will use a periscope to aim the submarine at where he would expect his target to be, once time and distance are compensated for before launching the torpedo, which has its own propulsion system.

Submarines were used extensively by the German Navy in World War two and were called U-Boats. The Germans deemed them to be essential to the war effort to try and stem the flow of aid and goods that was being transported by the British Merchant Navy from the United States across the Atlantic Ocean.

These days, submarines are used by navies all around the world, and they are also used as a nuclear deterrent. The modern vessels usually run on nuclear power as opposed to the diesel and battery power that was used in World War 2. Submarines are also used to launch precision cruise missile strikes against enemy targets from hundreds of miles away.

Submarines are also used commercially for salvage operations, deep sea maintenance and exploration. Some are also used as tourist attractions.

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