If You Are Bored On Board – Stream It

As mentioned in one of the previous blog posts, some Cruise Liners do not have casinos on board. The reasons for this vary, but it is what it is and you should obviously ask before booking. But if you are bored, you could always play casino games from your mobile and tablet on wi-fi while you are on a ship.

But if that does not do it for you and you just want to get the feel of a casino or watch other people play and gamble, you can always try casino streaming, which is a new and growing phenomenon.

You may have heard of PC gamers who stream their gaming sessions, but that is now old school ad people are moving to a newer way of doing things. That new way is through a platform called Twitch.

You can casually log into any site and follow anyone who has a Twitch account on any device of your choosing. The fun of it is watching the person play and seeing all their personal quirks as they win and also lose. It’s actually quite fascinating.

You could also set up your own Twitch account and do your own streaming, but this is not recommended on board ships because the Internet can still be pricey and it is recommended to stream over a hard wire, rather than by wi-fi.

So there you go, if you have accidentally booked yourself onto a cruise ship that does not have a casino, you can still follow the action by watching someone else stream their gambling activities. There are plenty of gambling sites out there that give a great list of some of the most popular players out there, so you will not be short of direction if you are looking for people to watch when you are bored.

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