Supergiant Oil Tankers

Supergiant Oil Tankers

Some of the biggest vessels that you will see at sea today are the truly gigantic oil tankers that move crude and refined petroleum around the world. They are usually split into More »


About What We Think About Ships

Ships are majestic floating creations that have evolved from being dug out tree trunks, to wooden hulled vessels and to the incredible pieces of engineering that we see on the oceans today.

The vast array of different types of vessels can include anything from fishing trawlers, to merchantmen, different classes of war ships and, of course, cruise liners.

On these web pages, you will find blogs that have been written by a genuine naval enthusiast who delves into the different types of ships that you can see on the oceans today, as well as those that plied the trade routes or took part in huge maritime battles in the past.

The blogger will also share experiences that can be had on cruise ships, including how to make the most out of your cruise holiday, tips and tricks of how to deal with issues that might arise at sea, such as seasickness.

You will also find the lowdown on how to get the best day excursions booked so you can enjoy your holiday on land, as well as at sea. One of the greatest things about cruises is that you can literally wake up in a different place every day for the whole duration of your holiday.

The blogger also takes a look at the world of floating casinos and the games and facilities you can expect to find on today’s cruise ships, and how they evolved to become part and parcel of the cruise liner packages that holiday makers have come to expect when they book a cruise.

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